psst...hey you....yeah you....Wanna fly some Capships? Fire Nukes? Come join us, It's fun and it's FREE!
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Did I just run over a fighter? Or was it just debris? Grrr bitch better not have scratched my paint....
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It is like World of Tanks/World of Warships in space....With Capships!! (But done in a much better way)

You can play on PS4 and a PC. BUT, PS4 players and PC players cannot play together. (Lets hope they find a way to merge that in the future.)

I play on the PC side.

They have different game modes, different tiers, and different size Capships.

Game Modes:
In all modes they do not do it like in "World of Whatever". Here you get to respawn into the same game after you die.
It is not done to the last man standing. It is done on a point system.
The team that gets to a set number of points first wins.
That way you do not get dead people sitting around talking shit in chat.

Tutorial. (Hit "ESC" while in the hanger. then select Tutorial)
You play a set mission. In a basic Dreadnought.
It teaches you how to fly that beast.
You fly against AI.
No harm, no foul. Play it as many times as you like. (I played it at least 5+ times just to make sure I had it down.)

Proving Grounds.
You play like it is a team deathmatch.
You fly with, and against AI only. (So you don't have to worry about letting your team down)
You fly a ship you pick that you already have in your hanger. (Lets you get to know your new ship.)
Play it as many times as you want.

Real people and AI.

Team Deathmatch.
Just real people.

The tiers are done differently too. They are separated by 3 categories.

Tier I and II

Tier III and Tier IV

Tier V

Ship Classes:

The Big Boy. A Bad Ass Beast.
It is like the tank of the game.
Moves like a huge fat pig stuck in thick mud, but it hits hard as hell.
At some point in the tech tree you will find out that you can swap Broadside cannons for a fucking long range NUKE!

Midsize capship. (Like a DPS in WoW)
Versatile. Moves faster than a Dread. Has some respectable firepower. In Veteran tiers this thing can actually RAM another ship to deal damage!

Tactical Cruiser.
Repair Ship (Healer)
Like a priest in WoW.
Do not underestimate it. It not only heals but it can also Melt your GodDamn Face!

Artillery Cruiser.
The Sniper.
A Glass Cannon.
Shoots Long Range, hits really fucking HARD.
IF you can hit it, it will go down quick. But it moves fast and is good at hiding.

For you fighter jocks pining away for something that moves fast. /eyeroll
Its like a gunboat but flying around large capships it feels like a fighter. (Do not expect to do a "Fighter Dance" while you laugh at slow moving/firing turrets as you wear the capship down. These Capships have secondary flack turrets and fast pulse cannons and will OWN YOU quickly if you stick around.)
It is a great scout and good at hunting Artillery Cruisers.
And they always seem to be around to deliver a final blow when you are nearly dead. :evil:
You basically fly in quick, unload on your target and GET THE FUCK OUT before the big boys tear you apart.

I could go into more detail, but this guy explains it better....
What to Expect as a New Player

If you get ingame send me a friend request, we can team up and I can help you. My name ingame is as it always is, Ghostrdr13.

And finally couple Vids to lure you in some more....

Open Beta Trailer

All Cinematic Trailers

Aaaaaaaahahaha! Eat that NUKE BITCH! :twisted:
Did I say that out loud?
What? You are still here?
Go play! 8-)

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