Dreadnought is going public soon!

psst...hey you....yeah you....Wanna fly some Capships? Fire Nukes? Come join us, It's fun and it's FREE!
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Dreadnought is going public soon!

Postby Ghostrdr13 » Fri Sep 14, 2018 10:19 pm

That's right, Dreadnought is going full "STEAM" ahead. (Pun intended)

It is officially moving out of public beta and going public via STEAM.

That means you will need the steam client to play. I could post a link to steam but then again you could just google it as well.... ;) :P
Add Dreadnought to your "wishlist" when there.

This release happens the end of this month! (End of Sept, early Oct at the latest)

This is the best time to join!

Anyone joining before release will get "Elite Status" (Makes leveling faster) for days after. (I forget how many, I think a week)
Also, the game has been selling "Founders Packs" during beta. (If you don't know what that is, go to the website and look it up)
These "Founders Packs" are going away just before release. So it's going to be "last call" soon!

I have mine and after release I will be giving out codes for "Recruitment Packs" that came with my Founders Pack. (That I scraped up the money to buy for an early birthday present to myself.) 8-)

I have 4 Recruitment Packs. First come first serve for those active in the game that wants one. (After Public Release)

You have been notified.


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