Hi, guys!

Say Hello but HOLY CRAP...Don't tell anybody who you are or where you are. The NSA and the Space Aliens are watching our every move. They want to turn us into dog food.
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Hi, guys!

Postby nightcrawler » Sat May 21, 2016 12:33 am

It is been along time since you guys most likely hear form me or seen me online.. but here I am..

I now play Star wars, Neverwinter, Minecraft (Tekkit), Arma3, and few more ...of course I on play as PvE not PvP...

also, on many of the newer games listed above I go by Leo or Sid now you guys no me as Nightcrawler for Freelancer... also you guys know my sister(Storm) and brother-in-law (Phyre)....


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