Obama 2016

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Re: Obama 2016

Postby Ghostrdr13 » Sun Oct 20, 2019 5:50 am

AlisonKah wrote:"But, I also think that the outrage should have been for both incidents and not make it seem that Obama warrants more outrage than Palin supporters."


Necroposting in a dead thread from 2015? And putting up a quote that does not exist?

Wow Ukraine bot that is kinda pathetic.

Strange that your e-mail is the same as Tonyavax ( es.ta.t.esh.a.ron@gmail.com) and both your locations are the same (Kyiv, UKRAINE).

Are you lovers that share the same e-mail? Or are you both the same person and self-identify as two?

Perhaps you call yourself "Tony" and named your masturbation hand "Alison"

So many possibilities...

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